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Bali Emergency Network

Bali Recovery Group (archive 2002)
The Magic of Bali
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Emergency Activities Report

BaliSOS organized about 25 volunteers on October 16, 2002 in order to make a survey regarding all injured bomb victims in all hospitals in Denpasar.
These volunteers interviewed the victims where possible, relatives of victims, medical staff and hospital administration in order to find out if there are any medical or social needs and to assure optimum care taking for all victims.
BaliSOS networked the results of this survey to local NGO's.

BaliSOS volunteers temporarily coordinated all food, & beverages and sanitary supplies for Sanglah Hospital and purchased and supplied requirements not covered by direct donations or hospital administration.
BaliSOS did this from October 17 untill October 21, 2002.
We delievered up to 1500 meals per day for 400 - 500 people.
These supplies were delivered to hospitalized victims of the terrorist bombing, their visiting families and volunteers working in the crisis center, the morgue and other areas of Sanglah Hospital.
During this period there were only 5-10 victims hospitalized in other hospitals in Denpasar, outside of Sanglah hospital.
BaliSOS monitored the well being of these victims too and informed other help organizations and doctors and let them know were help was needed.
The requests came from the Indonesian Crisis Center (Posko 3) and from the International Crisis Center in Sanglah Hospital, Denpasar.

All details of this operation are listed in our Financial Report October 2002
BaliSOS received donations from six different donors during this period.

BaliSOS volunteers took care of the families of killed and identified bomb victims who were invited to join the Purification Ceremony at the bombing site (ground zero) in Kuta on November 15, 2002.

In cooperation with the Government of Indonesia and the local Government of Bali, we helped organizing accommodation and catering for these very special guests of Indonesia and Bali.

On November 20 2002, BaliSOS organized a private family meeting with international and indonesian relatives of bomb victims in Sanur Beach Hotel. About 150 people attended this gathering.
This was made possible with the generous help of many volunteers, Sanur Beach Hotel management and sponsored by Bali Hati Foundation

By request of BaliSOS, BaliTV corporation immediately created a special VCD with footage of the purification ceremony.
This CD was copied and given to the relatives of bomb victims as we were able to contact them.
More copies of this VCD may be available from the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism or from BaliSOS.

Since October 14, BaliSOS has continously been contacted directly by victims and relatives or friends of victims.
We reply to their requests, help with information and network them with authorities, help organisations or volunteers where neccessary.
On case by case bases we frequently check on the well being of people in need and crosscheck if the networking was successfull and people are being looked after.

SARS Prevention & Awareness

On April 3, 2003 BaliSOS began to focus on SARS related problems.
Details of our activities will be found on the SARS related directory and will later be compiled here.

We have no intentions to establish BaliSOS as a field help organization that seeks donations, but will continue with direct emergency responses and provide direct and immediate help if we can't allocate other service organizations to solve a problem responsibly.
Where funds are required for problem solving, we try to get financial backup from established help organizations like Bali Hati Foundation, Bali International Women Association (BIWA) or Adopt A Victim, who did provide immediate and direct financial support already.

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Financial Reports

Financial Report October 2002
Since BaliSOS did not receive any financial support other than for providing supplies to Sanglah Hospital from October 16 2002 - Oct. 22 2002, therefore we did not have an urge to provide and publish the financial reports from November 2002 onwards.
We shall do that sometime, and at least if we ever receive any donations or other material support again.

We did spent money on behalf of BaliSOS after October 2002 though and estimate the cost for communications alone being between US$ equiv. 500 - 700.

As BaliSOS started to become very much engaged in SARS Prevention activities on April 3, 2003, we do need direct financial and material support.
The only donation received after October 2002 came from Bali International Women Association (BIWA) in April 2003.
BIWA donated 200 face masks N95 and 1000 surgical gloves, total value approx. 1.200 USD.
BaliSOS distributed most of the gloves to airport workers. The face masks are still on stock for emergency needs.
Thank You BIWA!

Donations for BaliSOS Group
BaliSOS Group is not a registered organisation.
We are here to stay and we will continue to be available for all kinds of emergency responses.
BaliSOS is self sponsored and does not want any direct financial support!
Please contact our office if you like to contribute to our work!

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Our Mission

Now, 12 months after the bombs, we have edefined our structure and our tasks.
BaliSOS will continue to assist with:

  • Emergency Responses to any kind of public emergency.
  • Communication & Networking between international & indonesian Donor Organisations & Bali based Help & Service Organisations.
  • Supplying detailed information about Donor Organisations and Help & Service Organisations working on the ground.
  • Coordination of volunteers in public emergency situations.
  • Implementation of a coordinated
    Bali Emergency Ambulance Service with a single phone number (details here)

We will post updates and more information as we receive them here on the ground in Bali.
BaliSOS assists with information and networking.

We network all requests with locally available helpers and funds we know of, as best and as fast as we can.
BaliSOS is tracing networked requests and whenever neccessary we work on solving the problems directly and on our own with the help of authorities, donors and volunteers.

We shall publish the names of donors, of our volunteers and the financial reports here as soon as we find the time to do this.

Please let us have any available information about:

  • emergency help requests
  • help organisations who want to publish information
  • information about about funds available right now!
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Our Visions

We try to initialize:
  • Organization and funding of a new Bali Emergency Ambulance Service
    with a single emercency call phone number to be called in emergencies like the one we had to face on October 12, or just whenever someone needs urgent ambulance help anywhere on Bali and at any time.
    Minimum Requirements are:
  • a non-profit organization for operations
  • 24 hour office for 3 - 5 people working in shifts
  • 5-10 hunting phone numbers for that office
  • Promotion of a single emergency number in all offices, schools, phonebooks and public places
  • Permanently updated data on availability and location and equipment of every ambulance car on Bali
  • Permanently updated lists of names and phone numbers of all Clinics, Hospitals or other organizations in charge of ambulance cars
  • Permanently updated lists of names and phone numbers of doctors, nurses and ambulance personel
  • Agreements for billing of ambulance only services between ambulance owners/operators and hospitals or the Bali Emergency Ambulance Service
  • Excellent Logistics, Life Performance tests and dedicated people

    If Bali gets that kind of a system, many lives will be saved every year!

    Please contact if you want to suport this project


Living here on the Island of the Gods, inspite of the bombings, most of us do believe in miracles and wonder:
We hope that the people of Bali, as they are deeply rooted in Adat Bali and the system of the banjar,
where all people are bound to help each other and live together, relying on each other trustfully,
will find together for a new kind of SARENG SAMI and begin something new:
A Banjar Bali (Bali Village Association) or Koperasi Bali Mertulung Sareng Sami in balinese language, which could coordinate with all the many individuals, groups and professional organisations who dedicate themselves to help solving the current crisis here and the many problems Bali will face if they tourists don't come back soon and our island begins to starve.

Such a joint foundation could help coordination between foreign help organisations and banjars, receive and distribute incoming donations reliably and transparent to other organisations here or directly to those in need, and try to find solutions for a better Bali where our children have a future and visitors from all over the world feel home and safe.

Please contact if you want to help plant this tree!

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History of BaliSOS Group

This site has been created by volunteers on October 14, 2002 and published initially in cooperation with the volunteer group at Sanglah Hospital Crisis Center in Denpasar, Bali and other people from Bali and all over the world.
BaliSOS has since then disseminated information for relatives and friends of victims, volunteers and organizations engaged with Bali Relief Efforts.

BaliSOS responsibly solved emergency & crisis situations whenever we did not quickly find others to take reliably & immediate responsibility to solve the problems.

To date BaliSOS is self sponsored and does not want any direct financial support for BaliSOS operating cost.

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BaliSOS Volunteers, core Team and Supporters

The BaliSOS Website has been initialized by Ian White, who worked as a volunteer at Sanglah hospital since October 13, 2002, put us on the job and continues to contribute as a volunteer with various Relief Efforts.

The initial Site Design was contributed by Mel Brendon. We are sorry for continously messing up Mels original aesthetic design!

During the first days of the crisis all editing and redesign was accomplished by Guido Possner and Mel Brendon.
Many people around the globe helped and continue to help translating this website.
We shall publish their names later.

Website and the volunteer activities are coordinated by Harry Bleckert, who is better known as Made Sambu to most of his Balinese friends.

Since Ni Made Adiasih left our office crew in January and went to Australia, the permanent team at the office location consists of I Made Suastika, Ni Putu Asri Mindariani, Leny Maryulis, Susi Necklin and I Made Sambu.

Financial needs to cover BaliSOS operative cost and cost of living for our office crew are sponsored by Sang Ayu Made Karnasih and her Internet Service company cv. Candi Internet.

Special thanks for the many volunteers whose names are not here yet. We shall not forget your help!

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Thank You for helping

Many other volunteers supported BaliSOS activities and continue to support.
They are too many to just start reporting there activities right away.
We shall try to get there names together as soon as possible.

We thank all of them for supporting Bali Relief efforts through BaliSOS.
All these volunteers worked tireless and without any financial compensation.

BaliSOS work was not possible without the help of many local organizations and the people who define them.
Special thanks here to Frank Olcvary, I Wayan Kejit and Dini from Bali Hati Foundation,
Major Bruno Hasenpusch
, Military Attaché of the Embassy of Germany in Jakarta,
Graeme Stevens whois is coordinating the database for Bali Recovery Group,
Petra Schneider
from Yayasan IDEP,
of Bali,
Frances Tse
from Casa Luna Relief Funds,
Agnes E.R. Christiansen
, the Norwegian students Catrine Hole, Frank Gjerde, Ola Frisk, Asbjörn Ystanes and others, the Embassy of Norway,
Veronica Barret from Africadabra,
Steve Martin Clark from PT KingTrading
for donating his Domain Name,
David & Moira & Norman
from Adopt A Victim; Bali Crisis
Eric Kaler
from Rotary Club Nusa Dua,
Mario Iolio
and friends from Teras & Zanzibar Restaurants in Seminyak,
Susan Zöllner from Tropic Ideas,
Jonathan from the World Buddhist Association,
Novi from CozmicZone,
Ima from PT. Telkom,
Peter Steenbergen and Ibu Made from Made's Warung Restaurants,
Ibu Asih from Café Luna Posko,
Ibu Lala, Oya, Adi Ariah Putri and all other members of Yayasan Ibu Peduli.

Special thanks to the Government of Indonesia for unprecedented cooperation and unbuerocratic assistance.
Our special thanks for his Excellency Gde Artika, Minister of Culture and Tourism,
Bp. Nunus Supardi, Sec. Gen. of the Minister of Culture and Tourism and Bp. Surya Dharma.

Matur Suksma and greetings as well to the local Government of Bali for unprecedented cooperation and unbuerocratic assistance.
We especially thank Bp. Oka Diputhra and Bp. Ida Bagus Panjaja, director of Social Department,
Bp. Ngurah Gde Oka from the Governor's Bureau of Information,
Bp. Made Sutha from the Governor's Bureau of Organization,
Bp. Gunawan Wicaksono and Bp. Gede Pitana, Director of Bali Tourism Authority,
Bp. Dede and Bp. Yudi from Bali Tourism Board,
Bp. Made Sujana, Director of Bali Tourism School,
Bp. Molin, Director of Bali Provincial Health Department
Bp. Made Sudra, Lurah (Mayor) of Kuta

Last not least: Matur Suksma Bp. A.A. Agung Gde Rai for helping when your help was needed!

Our Mission | Our Visions | Activities Report | Financial Reports | History | Our Team | Thanks

Hotline BaliSOS Germany +49 (0)176 4822-3136 -
Sanglah General Hospital Tel: (+62 361) 227 911 - 15 / (+62 361) 232 603 (VIP rooms) / (+62 361) 247 250/5

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