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The Magic of Bali

One year after the bomb

First there was the horror itself, which on 12 October 2002 exploded over what many people thought was the least likely place on earth for anything horrible to occur. Bali—the Island of Gods—was supposed to be a place somehow removed from the harsh realities of the rest of the world.
This silly idea was replaced by another silly idea, much touted in the Western press, that Bali had ‘lost its innocence’—whereas in fact what Bali had lost was its livelihood. The tourism industry evaporated overnight.

Then there were the rumors that Bali would collapse into inter-ethnic violence. This wasn’t exactly right either.
Immediately after the bomb, people of Bali—a mixed population of indigenous Balinese, foreigners, and non-Balinese Indonesians—flocked to hottest, messist centers of the catastrophe to help however they could.
Local leaders, in a surprising display of unity and restraint, quashed any thought of retalitory action on the part of their civil militias. (Later, and discreetly, signs of political jostling began to show up in rural towns: wishfully exhorbitant fees were imposed on anyone from anywhere else, even in Bali, who wanted to work there.
But even this silly idea was soon clipped back into a less outrageous set of protocols.) ...
quoted from Latidudes Magazine by Bodrek Arsana


Spirit of Tanah Lot

Rescue Team at Bomb Site


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