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News Update

Nationalities of people killed in Bali blasts

BALI, Indonesia, Feb 19 (Reuters) - Indonesian police released an estimated final death toll of 202 from the October 12 bomb attacks.
People from at least 20 countries were killed in the bombings, the biggest attack since the September 11, 2001 strikes on the United States. Below is a breakdown of casualties by nationality:
Australia 89
Indonesia 38
Great Britain 23
Sweden 9
United States 7
Germany 6
Netherlands 4
Denmark 3
New Zealand 3
France 3
South Africa 2
Japan 2
South Korea 2
Brazil 2
Italy 1
Taiwan 1
Portugal 1
Equador 1
Poland 1
Canada 1
Unknown 3
In cooperation with the DPRD of Bali, we would like to invite the Head or Director of your organization to “Rembug Krama Bali” (Bali Community Discussion). This event will provide a forum for coordination between the programs of organizations involved in the Bali recovery program. The time and venue are:
Date : 19-20 February 2003
Time : 08.30
Venue: Gedung DPRD Bali, Niti Mandala-Renon, Denpasar, Bali
Agenda - Proposal

Bali to use 911 Emergency Response System???

CGI - The Consultative Group on Indonesia
"Promoting Equitable Growth, Investment and Poverty Reduction" - Bali, January 21-22, 2003, 8:30am-5:30 pm
- Agenda of the 12th Consultative Group Meeting on Indonesia
- Confronting Crisis:
Impacts & Response to the Bali Tragedy [*.pdf-245kb]

Summary of the Bali Recovery Group Database (Jan-07-2003):
 38 Indonesians identified and confirmed killed
151 Indonesians Injured
72 Indonesians Missing (current figure, dead!?!)
261 Families identified as eligible for assistance, of which
88 Families are currently known to be receiving assistance.
To date Rp 864 million has been paid to these families.

Eric Kaler from Rotary/YKIP informed the us as follows:

World Bank – USAID – UNDP are working together on a survey, which will be used to manage their response.
The assessment they produce from the surveys will be announced at the CGI meeting in Bali at the end of January.

Most of their US$30 Million earmarked for Bali will be distributed at the Kecamatan level after focus groups determine the needs and government plans and approvals are received. Largest allocations are likely to be for infrastructure improvements in each of the 53 Kecamatans, and not for food, unemployment, or tourism programs.

Other large organizations planning recovery assistance are:

Asian Development Bank Undetermined amount
JICA/Japan Embassy US$20 Million
AUSAID US$1.4 Million
DFID/British Embassy US $300,000
UNICEF US $55,000
World Bank/Netherlands US$4 Million
Total US $55.75 Million

Spirit of Tanah Lot

Rescue Team at Bomb Site


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